Wednesday, November 30, 2005

walked... the line

FINALY saw the end of the movie.. was great... really really great... they'd better win something for all that. I admit.. I had one tear... several wellings-up...
on an unrelated note
my landlord is a psycho.

We pay darn good money to live here... we don't come tromping in and out at ungodly hours (we tiptoe in at those hours) We don't have drunken parties (the same can NOT be said of their children) We take care of our place, I've fixed things myself, we report bigger problems, we don't demand much of them, we comply when they request things of us... we try to make it work.

Last week I got a phone call where in my landlady said she was mad at the way someone had come to our door WHILE I WAS OUT. She said they banged on the door and yelled in the mailslot. She asked me to talk to my friends. (I will not. How other people conduct themselves when I'm not with them IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS) She said that she was embarrassed because she had company at the time.

Tonight I had some friends over for dinner then we were hanging out until it was time to go to a movie. We were in the living room, and there was some playing around (the exercise balls were the main entertainment) at 8:15 pm I received a phone call asking if I had elephants upstairs or was I re-arranging the furniture. When I replied that I did in fact have a herd of elephants with me, she got very snotty and short and said that they needed to stop.

I'm a people pleaser. This hurts me. She seems to know that about me... and she's psycho.
Roomie says that if they didn't want noise they shouldn't have tenants.
Guests said that I should have told her that someone fell down and was badly injured... and that she should have some compassion.

Dark spots have a tendency of clouding my view of an otherwise lovely time.


Dalton said...

Ouch. That sucks. My landlord and lady are great. They're so amazing that they don't require me to pay rent. Amazing eh?

T said...

I', in the same boat...I even get to drive their cars!!! Oh and be a soccer mom...yup that's mom extratonaire...ya I can't spell...c'mon who are we kidding...I went to college to learn how to colour

JKC said...

You stand on that soapbox you've created (a.k.a. your blog), and you vent, girl! GUILT FREE. You're allowed. (ASIDE from that phone call, the night was fun, though, wasn't it?)