Thursday, December 08, 2005

butter fingers

ok.. so I was soooo excited this morning to have finished my resume and cover letter to submit in regards to an INCREADIBLE opportunity. It's taken me longer than usual to get moving on it (it was due today) because of the lethargy that accompnies too much Nyquil... Nyquil will help you get your Z's....
right.. so I was pumped... to no end... I typed my email to attach the letter and resume... and sent it off in a jiffy... only to realize that I'd forgotten to attach the letter and resume. Well... strike one for me.

Guys.. this sounds like such a great job... and it combines a few of the things that I'm passionate about... and yeah... pray that if it is suppose to happen... it would... and if it's not... that I wouldn't be devistated.

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