Monday, December 19, 2005

Glad tidings?

I was at a Christmas party this weekend and received the strangest gift from someone. It was a joint gift to be shared by 'Man and I... and it was from her mom. I don't know if she was trying to be funny... or helpful... or if she was just frustrated with us. We tore into the package to find a VHS tape and a book. "Love Smart" by Dr. Phil "find the one you want, fix the one you got.." and on the tape? the episode where in three girls go through a date makeover... Because apparently they are failing in their date techniques.
WHAT???? I'm not really sure what my reaction is suppose to be, one of gratitude or one of shame!

right right right, CD release.
Though for the most part I'd like to release it to the garbage can! LOL
My workplace decided that as a fundraiser, we'd put together a Christmas CD... so yesterday, with just 7 days remaining to Christmas, we picked up the cases.
From the beginning I was hesitant about the whole thing. Yes of course, really I want to be recording... but I want to be recording my own stuff... or at least... someone's original stuff... or even... doing background vocals for someone... *sigh* the prideful self in me hates to admit my participation in this um.. project?
There is some cool stuff on it though... there's a reading set to music done by "the sheriff" (one of the guys from our group home) and there's a song done by a group from another home.. I love the part at the end of the song where one of the men is SO incredibly excited about what they've just done- he starts laughing and clapping before the song is finished... LOVED that part.
And the idea of the project was pretty cool... I think it would have been better if we'd been able to get more of the individuals we support to participate in it... rather than all of us staff... maybe the next one? (oh good grief! pray there isn't another one!)
anyone seeking autographs... I'll be in the bean each morning from 10:30-11 this week... oh wait...

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