Saturday, December 17, 2005

plugged in

I've had the opportunity to reconnect with a few people important to my life this week. It's been such a great experience.
On one hand there is the sadness that accompanies the loss of a deep friendship, and then, on the other, there's the joy in experiencing something that is so real, something lasting. I don't know if that makes sense.
One set of people were increadibly important to me for a number of years some time ago. I met with them... and we didn't talk about the important details that had been missed in eachother's lives, we talked as though nothing had happend. We jumped into old jokes, we reminised about old times, we played our games. A good thing? yeah, a great thing.
The other set... it's only been a seperation of a few months... and we've been keeping in pretty good contact. I saw them and it was like stepping into a warm room. I was immediatly recharged being with them, I was challenged on things that were going on, and was given the opportunity to question.
Both of these connections were needed. Both left me wounded, both left me loved, fulfilled, and left me with a sense of loss.
I love deeply, I hate letting go. I hate change. I crave the routine, the safety, the familiar.
I love the way emotions drop us and lift us... the way we are our own rollercoaster.
It's been a good week.

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