Saturday, December 10, 2005


Yesterday was a trial run for slothfest... a trial of sorts, it flopped in it's slothfulness... we were too active, and too many of the things we consumed were healthy... but it was a start. One doesn't necessarily want to jump directly INTO slothfest... it's like a marathon, you need to work your way up to build stamina (unless you're Be-Bop and you decide it's a waste of time to train for a marathon).

However... I did get to watch "the march of the penguins" a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman about the love life of the emperor penguin. Because of the company that was kept during the viewing of said film, the mood was kept light... THANKFULLY!!! Dude, even with the joking... I was near tears twice!
It really was excellent.. I recommend it fully to everyone (Jenny, it's still here.. I'm going to watch it today again).

By far, the best quote:: "it's all about the chicks"


T said...

wait...I was quite slothful in my phone call from the living room to the kitchen...that I think should merit a badge...although I did goto work after

JKC said...

As long as it goes back to Blockbuster, keep it til you're done :)

manda said...

well, i say that nothing beats that red hot ballroom dancing documentary... why don't you blog about that one les?

Sarahthedoula said...

I watched Mad Hot Ballroom with Lesley.... it was good..... I nearly cried.... 'our' team of kids won. It makes you want to dance (or be a little kid again!)