Thursday, December 01, 2005

baby oh babies

I think that all has returned to normal. nothing the vaccum and some ABM can't cure... (currently listening to:: Love brings me here)

This morning we celebrated the arrival of Samuel in a good-ole- fashioned baby shower.... while amidst the whirl-wind that follows three others under the age of 3.
I take it all back... I don't want Quints... or Quads ... or Triplets.... or Twins... one at a time will be just fine.

ahhahahaha.. but I did just realize I'm still wearing the dollerama tiara....

I've also discovered a few things about myself in the past 24 hours or so... my karaoke skills are NOT improving... in fact, I fear I may have taken a turn for the worse... but it's all for fun, drop my pride and go with it right? I was talking with someone who said they'd only do it if there was one certain song on the play list... but... I think that we're suppose to look like fools.... Last night VanDan looked up the word "Karaoke" on his cell phone (man... he's like batman with that thing!) it told him that it ment "tone deaf"... well that explains it.
two redeeming factors for the eve, "I've had... the time of my life..." with Crilly, and Mr. Holloway's and Jenny's "ain't no mountain high enough".
also discovered that my right thumb and finger are permanently stained yellow/orange from all the clementines I've consumed.
and finally, my left hand is learning how to streach really funny playing the bass...

I've been tagged by Roomie in a game where-in I have to give you 10 RANDOM facts about myself... this may be difficult.... I'll work on it tonight.

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Just a face said...

10 random facts about you well that should be very easy.I look forward to reading them. Just so ya know Mr. Norton P. Bunny's blog has been restricted to members only, did he too receive some unkind remarks? I have a friend "Stew" that would like to comment on his page but with the limitations it is difficult for him. Would you please let Mr. Norton P. Bunny know that a fan is reading his blog and would like to comment from time to time. I will explain to my friend "Stew" that it was for security reasons that Mr.Bunny is so well guarded.