Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Allergy alert

I've decided that I need to pretend I'm allergic to peanuts.
Not that I WANT to give up peanuts.. in fact, this hurts to even think about life without the peanuts.. the p.B. the reese peanutbutter cup.. the glosette chocolate covered peanuts.. the groundnut sauce with chicken... the peanutbutter stew.... oh.. my... I don't know if I can really do it.
but here's the alternative.
I will eat every item in smelling distance.
*sigh* why is it Halloween time already?
*sigh* why am I spending my money on bags of "peanut lovers" snack-sized bars?
*sigh* why have I eaten those bags?
*sigh* what will I give out on octoberween?

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