Sunday, July 13, 2008

post 1030, time... 0130

I'm trying to get into a better sleep pattern.
I remember last year my sister saying she was having a hard time sleeping... and I remember thinking "that SUCKS... glad I don't have that problem!" 
I've never had a hard time getting to sleep... especially after that year of not getting enough sleep- it was like my body learned "if you stop moving, shut down". 
Lately, I wonder if my body has memory problem.

Tonight however... that's not what's kept me awake.
Ok, so I made the foolish decision to stay up and watch the end of Jumanji on Tv. I'd never seen the end of it (did you know it came out in like... 1995? I had no idea) When I went to see it in the theatre, it was with a few people from my youth group- and the film tore. So we only saw half, and they gave us free tickets to come back to see it... and I never bothered. Anyway... the Tv version is pretty choppy. They skipped a lot I think. Or maybe the original sucked. 
No, I haven't been kept up by visions of rhinos chasing me down from a board game (like the movie)... no, instead, I was just doing some chasing of my own.
The movie ended, I stood up. I looked for 'Touf..  he was out in the sun porch, so I thought. Nope.. not on the sun porch.
So I turn to go back into the house, but glance outside at my car.
funny.. it's raining.
funny, the rain makes it look like I don't have that dent on the side of my car...
funny, the rain makes my car look clean.
funny... the rain makes it look like the interior light is on in my car.
the light turns off.

I look down the road and watch two youth... I'm guessing 16-17, backwards hats, close to the same height, baggy pants, one in black, one in tan, both with backpacks... laughing and walking away.

I walk out the door and follow them.

nearing the corner... and I've gained considerably on them 'cause they don't know I'm there.... 
I call out "ummm, excuse me?"
One starts to look back... and... the other says NO... and they keep walking.. they get to the corner, and I see them start to run as they round... 
So I TEAR down the street (barefeet ... my flip flops broke today) and round... to nothing. I keep running (even though I hear laughter and shouting coming from inside the first door on the corner) just to make sure they aren't around the side of the building....
I go and stand on the street corner for 10 mins
A guy and a girl come out the door, walk to the pizza place, and come back... they didn't buy anything. They try to talk to me as they return (I'm standing in front of their house). I grunt. and glare at them... knowing full well they were sent out to see if I was sticking around.
I walk back to the house.
Put on a sweater.
then go back to standing in front of their house.
get bored after two minutes.
and go home and call the police.
I should have just walked to the police station. 
It's across the street... it's just they make everything a hassle when you go in there... 
And besides. I've heard that none of them are single.
That... and I'm still not wearing any shoes

too wound up to go to sleep now. 
cop car just passed the house for the third time.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

... and 'touf? AND 'TOUF????

Where are your priorities girl????