Saturday, October 22, 2005

more time travel

oh, but other than the silly stuff... last week was such a great message... we're looking at the idea of Faith as the "Epic", the greatest story... and we've been looking at the elements of a great epic and what that has to do with our faith journey.... pretty neat idea.
Last week we looked at the villain... the element of Evil.
not so much looking at the origin of evil.. but more the existance of evil.... and how that effects us...
to sum it up in the most basic of terms
it came, it's here, it'll be gone in the end (we win)
*phew*! it was an intense message... I'll write more later on this topic... seriously, my brain hurts anytime I get to hear either of the Kennedy brothers speak.. they have soooo much to say, and such insight. Last week we had Dave at Redwood and Steve at Cedarside.... lol, who better to ask to speak about evil than two brothers?

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