Saturday, October 22, 2005

time travel

I learned many things last week at church (aside from what the pastor had to say)

the first and most important:

When the speaker is wearing a shirt with light blue stripes on white.... do not set the main speaker lights to be yellow and blue. The resulting shadows look alot like green pit stains.

Secondly, and nearly as important:

When arriving at church to set up the sound board (please remember we've a "church in a box" set up.... as in, we put EVERYTHING in a box and lock it up- then set it all up again the next week- we don't have a building of our own) do not assume that you'll have the same sound board you've always had. And do not assume that anyone there will have ever used the new one. And do not assume that you are allowed to set up so you can hear the speakers... and do not assume that your old monitor headphones will work in the new system. And do not assume that the new system will have all the effects on it that you like from. And do not assume that you'll be allowed to just figure it out... really, there's too many boys who like to fiddle with new toys. Do, however, assume that God is bigger than all that...DO play with the new hands free mic (ohhhh, bendy!) and DO have a good laugh at the guy running the computer beside you when the itunes take over the movie clips. (I mean, come on, Darth Vader's theme is suppose to run when you play a clip from Austin Powers... right?)


JKC said...

....cause you KNOW what assuming does, right??....

L.Bo Marie said...

some of that really was pit stains.