Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hire a husband

today I pulled out my cute little vacuum.... to do a deed that I knew I couldn't do on my own.

I'm going all MarthaStewart-esque this week... there's winter/weather proofing to do, the rabbit is moving in to the sunroom, there are plants to be rescued before the frost eats them..... SO, I'm lugging Norty's Winter home (a.k.a. "the prince's domain") up the stairs from the garage... I set the cage down, walk away, come back.... and there's this .. this... thing on the side.
I'm not so much a squeamish girl.. unless it comes to insects... or birth.. or blood... or.. ok, scratch that... I'm a squeamish girl.
What do I do???? it's HUGE... I take a picture and go to the insect directory... I'm not going to squish that thing... it's body is the size of my thumb... it's not going to squish well... it'll juice... it's probably poisonous and is plotting my death!
I discover at that it's a variety of the "common orb weaver" HELLO!!!! what's so common about this giant thing!!!!!
I've never seen one... it's going to eat me..
I know it.
So as I curse my life style, with not a dashing husband in sight.... I drag out the vacuum...
and the grossest thing is... I can see it crawling around in the dirt in the vacuum now... *shivers with disgust*

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