Thursday, October 27, 2005

believe it with your OWN eyes

ok ok ok
I know!
I need to get a camera of my own.. one of them there digi-tal do-dads... I know.. I'm working on it. But until then.. you're just going to have to believe me when I tell you my stories.. despite the fact that you don't want to... hearken back to the day of the cow cheerleader team? right.. case in point, you just have to believe me.

This morning I was out for my walk (how many of these posts start with that phrase?) and I'm marching away, minding my own, when up ahead I see something large, white and feathered. Sitting on the sidewalk on the corner of Division and University, preening it's feathers... Who leaves a large duck in town? I was tempted to just pick it up and walk away.. but then I thought that maybe someone was looking for their duck... so I left it. Because.. you know.. people lose their ducks in town all the time. I've been searching the duck and goose directories (me and identification seem to be hanging out a lot lately) .
who do you think you are? Grissom? I think you've been watching too much TV.
Muscovy Duck is the closest thing I can find... but who knows.


T said...

hey!!! I made that Grissom comment about your friendly getting back to that...YA...who do you think you are?

L.Bo Marie said...

props to T.Lam ;)