Sunday, October 09, 2005

we don't need religion

.... just the love of God.

I was wearing my Brian Houston shirt yesterday, and I found my Hudson Taylors CD.
Small world.
didn't really even realize it until I was driving down the street and this one song came on. It's a good one, and it gets me pumped about doing whatever the heck it is that I'm suppose to be doing. Guess I'll just keep praying till I figure out what it is.
I had a conversation on MSN this morning that brought this song back to me.

To know that I the Lord your God dwell within you
live beside you and walk behind you
This is the pure gold that I am talking about
That cannot be consumed by fire or stolen away from you by human hands
This is the gold of ministry that you have longed for
That you have lain awake at night on your bed
dreaming of
And you need to know that I have been
Wishing for you
Dreaming in you
Hoping for you
For my dreams are so much greater for you than yours
And to know my hand in your life
This is the greatest prize
So much better than recognition
And as you rise up in my
Many will know
Many will see
Many will hear
Many will fear
'cos I am your God
This is the pure gold that I am refining in you
That will shine within your soul
And your cup will run over
And you will see the fruit of your labours
And you will not be disappointed forever
For your toils and your struggles are not in vain...

... where you see bones I can see the army
Where you see floods I see the shore
Where you see dry winds blow I see the new life grow
Where you see the clouds in your way it is the Lord.

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