Thursday, October 06, 2005

not the crack train

I am catlike. Tawny and sleek, quiet and sneaky...
today I had an incredible adventure that should be shared with many a person.
now, by "incredible" I mean quite boring and mostly stupid.
now, by "adventure" really I mean nothing happened.
now, by "should be shared with many a person" I mean, I'm telling you in my blog because if I tell you in person you'll get bored with the details and walk away.
and maybe by catlike... really I might mean that I like to fall asleep in sunny places.

Today Megsheff was going to come home on the train and hang out with me until babysheff's rugby game and until I went to work. The train was to arrive at 2:00 and miss Meg would jump off and appear on my step (there are three houses between my house and the station). At around ten to two, I walked out into the beautiful day and over to the station, I plopped myself down on the grass and rested against a tree. After a bit of time had passed, I looked over my shoulder... in doing so, rested my chin on my shoulder.. decided it was quite the comfortable position, and promptly fell asleep.
Some time passed, one train passed (a freight) and I woke. Realizing that the train had not yet arrived, and that I had to get to work for 3... I thought I'd better go in the house and check the time... walking quicker as I remembered that it was thursday today (all day) and I work at 2:30 on thursdays (a fact that I never remember, and Be-Bop has to call and remind me every week). I run up the steps and see I've got two messages (one from Roy... thanks for the reminder ;) then look at the clock... it's 2:32!
perhaps (me thinks) I should start wearing a watch.
the train showed up just as I tore down the sidewalk on my bike... I could just picture what Megsheff's face must have looked like as I flew away in the opposite direction. In my mind I heard "we are SO not friends".

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