Friday, October 28, 2005

newest passion

A friend of mine let me in on a little secret the other day... I was at church and he was telling me about his newest travel plans (this is a boy who really likes to hitch hike..) He's heading up to Montreal for a concert next week, and being the cheapy that he is....
well... he found this great networking thing called "couch surfing". And, of course, now I'm hooked on the idea too.
Basically what it is, is a network of people who offer their couches (or foutons or whatnot) up to weary travelers... in exchange for pretty much nothing! Well, no, that's not true... it's sort of a "pass it on" type thing, do one deed unto the next.
So, you sign up, offer your couch... and you're free to use someone else's couch!
of course there's way more to it than just that.. but that's all I'm writing about it, you can look it up and decide for yourself.
But.... that said.... I'm SUPER pumped about it!!! Who wants to go do some surfing with me?

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