Tuesday, April 22, 2008

an apple a day. (or) how to pick up.

We live in a cute house. Unfortunately, it's for sale... fortunately it's a small town and our reputation is good (despite what landlord-from-hell may have said about us around town) So good in fact, we've had a call from another landlord, who heard about our situation, and wanted us to come and see an apartment that he has that will be available. Isn't that nice?

At small group this week somehow the topic of fruit came up. More specifically... pineapple.

I love a fresh... fresh pineapple... like, plucked from the bush that morning pineapple. However, those don't grow around here too much, so I settle for the goldens that come in. Somehow, the topic then turned to some town down south... and in this town, when the husbands went off to war, the wives who were looking to... emmm... errr... entertain lonely soldiers... would put a pineapple out on their front fence post.
Jokingly I said "that's it! That's what I've needed! I'm going shopping after work for a pineapple".
End of story.

Until I called home after work on Monday. "Bes, uh... do you have any idea why there might be a pineapple on our front step?"

I have an idea of how it got there......


ilex said...

Pineapple is the traditional symbol of hospitality when placed near the front door of a house. Usually, though, it's a bit more of an abstract representation...

That's a really funny pic- little pineapple under the mailbox.

Amanda said...

in the nice army town I live beside lonely women who's husbands who have gone off to war place Tide boxes in their window if they want um company of some sort! I'm getting you a tide box!