Thursday, April 17, 2008

A smattering!

sometimes, I figure a few photos are even better. These are all old photos. (because I've got my computer turned on, but I've left my camera in the car) Old photos... old stories.... good times.

I wish I had a hatch-back. don't count your chickens before they hatch. Have I posted this before? 500 ish eggs, SVFF bound.... the first batch. Hey! remember that time I got 500 eggs and we accidentally froze them all and they cracked and got lumpy? And then I had to go get 500 more? whew... that was funny.

Fynn Pants, coming in for a nose bump. I miss our old radiators, they made for beautiful pictures. I don't miss the rest of that apartment. I do miss my snow shoes... I think they are still in the garage there... working up my courage to go get them.

Some of my favourite people. Celebrating. And hugging. I like hugging and celebrating.

Comic by Natalie Dee... (I love her work). Which reminded me of two weeks ago... it was the Ganny Race. My hometown has been flooded several times in it's history. How do you cure the dirty spring blues? By commemorating the last flood with a crazy craft boat race down the river... The race is called "float your fanny down the ganny" (or, as my mom used to refer to it... "float your bum down the ganaraska river"). I saw my first fanny in the ganny this year. The water level was SO high.... the first half of the race is all canoes, of the 14 I saw before I left, only 5 or so made it past the finish line... above the water. The rest were submerged or upside down. One poor boy, he'd lost his life jacket, his paddles, his boat was upside down in the middle, the water knocking him over again and again... he'd forgotten to wear a belt. And lost his pants. I think the best part was when Pasheff held up his camera.... Bethsheff hissed at him "what if his mother is watching????" to which he replied "well, I guess it only matters if his mother watches youtube!".

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Deb Cushman said...

What an interesting collection of pictures and comments!
Eggs -- oh so many eggs! Good thing you have them seatbelted in! Deb votes for celebrating and hugging -- Freckles just wants the celebrating, thank you very much!