Wednesday, April 09, 2008

turn back the clock.... step into... 1993

Cherry (Cherokee) and I came to the ranch the same week... she was 3 weeks old the summer she arrived.... I was 13. My parents really wanted my sister and I to find a new camp (they'd been really good about getting us to go away and try new things in the summer) we said "riding camp" and they found one... it wasn't much of a place when we went there for the first time... and my sister and I both didn't really want to go.
That is until we walked into the cabins.
The bunk-beds were 3 beds high.
That's what sold us.

Cherry was owned by the ranch till she was three, sold to a non-horse person for a year, nearly killed by their stupidity, bought back for another 3 years, then sold again to another non-horse person.. this one cared though.. and put a lot of time and training into her... she was great. Last I heard, she'd been sold again. She'd be 15 nearly 16 now. I hope she's ok.

I used to go bombing up the back fields on her mom ... a mare named Lady... she could run like NO other horse I'd ever been on. crazy.
I'm surprised I'm still alive.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Ian and Sylvia ... great old memories!

Anonymous said...

great memories sounds like
is it hard on horses to have so many owners? i know dogs wouldn't do well with that - i hope she's doing well too.