Friday, April 18, 2008

guest blogger... because today I haven't processed. (yet)

Since roomie2 doesn't have a blog of her own, and I'm always going on about how great it is to vent on here.... we've got a guest blogger...introducing:: Roomie2

So, this is my first time blogging, so thanks to my friend for letting me vent on her blog. Today I realized (but not for the first time) that just because someone has a degree doesn't mean that they're smart. I asked someone a question to which he replied " um.... I don't know", so I walked away, someone else asked him a question and he's like "um...... I don't know". Hello, sometimes you have to look into something to figure out the answer, ! ! ! !
So then about an hour later, I proceed with my work of cleaning and thought I might as well check the fridge, which you'll note has been unplugged. I open the door and what do I find, a layer or sea of blue fuzzy mold, and not just a small amount, more mold than I've ever seen in my entire life. And a little present in the door, a carton of milk that looks like it's been rained on. And just for those of you who are wondering, when mold liquefies it turns yellow and smelly, and also a blue/green fuzzy colour, which also smells. So at this point I get the cleaner out and get to scrubbing, and I'm thinking; "Who on earth would unplug this and not take the food out, " So that was the excitement for the day, hope you feel enlightened !

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T said...

hahaha...nice...also did you know...just because someone is driving a brand new Ford F-150 truck and is an older gentleman...doesn't mean he's not nice? and won't swear tat you when you can't turn left coming out of blockbuster?