Friday, August 22, 2008

festival season approach

I was just scanning thru  my past entries, looking for SVFF stories.. and realised that I've done a rather shoddy job of documenting/processing my time at the festival. 
I was trying to figure out why... and then I looked at the most recent copy of "play-by-play, day-by-day" (the giant to-do list that spans 3 sheets of paper) and remembered it's for a few reasons.
1) who's got the time?
2) who's got the Internet?
3) electricity?
4) it's pretty awesome- but there's a lot of emotion (a lot gets invested into this) so if I stop for a minute and start to think- I cry- 'cause every emotion for me= cry. Cry= stay away from the computer.
5) at the end of the weeks of me talking incessantly about what I'm doing- I figure it's the last thing anyone wants to hear. 

But this year will be different. I will be journaling. Because I can't stand to lose yet another year to my poor memory.

Today I nearly lost my mind- having to stay an extra 45 mins at work- trying to get my stuff done, and other people's jobs done- because it seems everyone is on vacation at the same time... seriously, if I had to be there much longer- I'd have lost it. If I'd had to deal with one more "issue" .. I'd be toasted.
But, it's passed. I'm in one piece. I didn't throw up (which is what I do when I'm stressed) I didn't get the hic-ups (because I was barely breathing) I didn't scream (because I was muttering) I didn't swear at anyone (because I was swearing at myself) and I didn't do anything to make life difficult for anyone else next week ('cause I can't stand for people to be mad at me).
All in all, I think I did really well.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Yesterday I forgot Barack Obamas's first name for several minutes! Just could not find it in there!