Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh small town.

I went to rent a movie the other day- apparently the little corner store a few blocks away has movies for .99
I go in, pick out my movie... and am told it costs $20.99. This confuses me. So I ask "why $20.99?" The lady replies "there is a deposit on the movie first". I ask her if I can buy a membership- or something- to avoid the cost, and she says no. So I ask if I have to pay the deposit every time I rent, or if it carries over forever and someday I get my deposit back... She laughs, and says "no, only deposit sometimes."
So I laugh.
Because I have NO FRIGGING CLUE what she means.
Then she says "sometime, no pay the deposit, I get to know your face."

And that my friends- is how things work in a small town.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Interesting business policy!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they ask me for $10, unless I am accompanied by someone with an intellectual disability, then no deposit is required.