Monday, August 18, 2008

such greatness

Ok, often I have a problem with a variety of agencies... I hate people slipping between the cracks and ending up hurt... yet again.
But today... today my heart is sailing.

I've always wanted to use that phrase- I always wondered what it would really feel like to have a "heart that was sailing", and now I know. Or at least.. know in part... because I've never really been sailing. (side note:: anyone want to take me sailing sometime? It's on my life list- I'll even write your name down as the person who's helped me accomplish that goal)

A few months back I was sent to a meeting of help agencies in our county. The meeting was in regards to a need that could be met if all the groups pulled together for a little bit, and if the main agency (running the meeting) was willing to take the project on.
I went to the meeting as a rep for work- but I threw in my two cents in regards to some things going on with GTI. I made a request, and figured it would be lost along the way. This was MONTHS ago. I sent an email or two, called twice... and that was the end. The project was completed last week.... I phoned this morning just to see if maybe, just maybe- something could be worked out for us still.
I gave my first name, and was about to explain the reason for my call when the woman said "oh! I was hoping that I'd hear from you this morning, I've got the packages all ready for you, I set them aside last week and they are under my desk- I'll put them at the front office with a note attached."

Seriously... that was very very cool.


manda said...

hey next week, you, me, travis' dad and the sailboat... we can do it.

FrecklesandDeb said...

That is wonderful! Sometimes things do work out! We have to remember those times during those other times when things don't go well at all. Sigh.