Sunday, August 24, 2008

wide awake

First day at "The Site"... AND the day of T.Lam and Naomi's wedding. 
I should be sound asleep- done from the day's events. But my brain says "no way Jose, you're not sleeping yet". I'm ok with that. There's still lots to process.
I'm not going to be ok with it when the alarm goes off in the morning.

The Wedding first- as it's slightly more important. (at this point)
It was lovely. Big wedding party! They both had five stand for them. That's 12 people on the stage... plus pastor Jeremy... it was a big group. The dresses were Asian inspired- the girls looked SO good. The guys had pretty neat tuxes too- no coller- which gave an Asian feel too. And Naomi's dress was beautiful. With a red sash.. I liked it a lot. They both looked great. 
The big party after was at Golden Beach- I'd never been there, it seemed like they had a pretty sweet set up there. And the food was amazing. THEN... Karaoke Craig was there- (So now I've seen both DJs this summer from the "old days" at shoeless... ) it was nice to see him...
all in all.... it was a great night.
I've made a commitment to not blog everything that comes out of J.Mac's mouth.. but you may assume that many funny things were said.

Ok, SVFF site stuff...
AJ was home for the wedding, so first off, we dragged him out to the site- where he promptly did three things 1) he had a tour 2)he fell in love with the place 3)he had to work hard (as we gave him things to carry and people to meet.
Assume that if you come out there over the next week, you'll have the same experience.

We got there and the two main tents were up. This year we've got one 20x40? tent for the kitchen.. and a 30x60 for dining. The big tent is so open- it has a great feel to it, I think it's going to give hospitality an even more inviting atmosphere. So, the tents were up- and all our crap was in piles ... so we set to work getting the bare bones in place so the plumbers and electricians could do their job... when I left after lunch we had: all 6 wash stations in place, the hand wash station set in place, the 3 food prep sinks/counters, the single stainless steel work station, the cold service counters, the shelving had been found, two working fridges installed- two broken ones removed, the gas oven in place, the electric oven in place.... and a chalk board welcoming everyone home.
It looks like a kitchen now.
And tomorrow is more of the bare-bones same.... the next day begins food prep and cleaning.

This is where it starts to get busy.

There's also a wedding shower for roomie1 tomorrow night... and I need to sneak in some time tomorrow to cook chowder for 30ish- which is fine, I have GTI to thank for the ability to churn out vats of food in a hurry.

I'm excited.
And I'm nervous.
And... I think I'm ready to sleep now.

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