Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lyrics to be heard

eyes look your last
arms take your last embrace
and lips, oh ye the doors of breath....
sealed with a righteous kiss... the rest is silence.

(for those of you who knew within moments of reading this where it's from... hush for a second and enjoy my oblivion)
So we've finished up learning all the songs for the second act.
And I'm blown away by some of the lyrics used in the songs.. there's some really beautiful stuff in there, and I'm afraid that most people will miss it just hearing it one time thru... I missed it hearing it on the sound track...

So while we were learning one of the pieces I was ready to melt down. (see the opening piece) The lyrics were stunning. The harmonies painfully lovely.

And I was losing it because it was a background piece in a play called Hair. Who would ever get to hear these incredible words? Who would ever feel the song?

I made it my mission to tell everyone about this amazing bit piece we'd learned, and convinced myself that it was my duty to share it with the world. seriously... If I've seen you in the past three weeks I'm sure I quoted it to you.

And if I did, thank you for being so gracious as to humour me and not humiliate me.
Last week I had some time... and some money. So, I did what came natural... I bought some movies.

It was while I was laying on the couch watching one of them that I realized what a putz I can be.
Did I absorb nothing in grade nine English class?
Romeo holds his dear Juliet's hand to his face, and whispering thru the tears utters

Eyes, look your last
arms take your last embrace
and lips oh you the doors of breath....


Rabbits' Guy said...

Listen Kid ... not hardly any of us did .. especially Romeo and Juliet! Better late than never ...

I did see Hair back when it was new ... what a grand time those years were!

John Sollows said...

"The Flesh Failures" is a classic. Amazing how it has been missed, aside from the finale.