Friday, January 30, 2009

no frickin way you just said that

what's the most uncouth thing that's been said to you?
I was trying to think of the most offensive thing that had ever been said to me.. or by me (I'm sure there's several contenders there).

Yesterday I was in my home town and had a moment to spare, so I zipped into the bank- it's been my bank since I was 14. I knew every teller. and half of the people in the room being served or waiting. (it's a small town)

I get to the teller... a woman that I babysat for all thru high school. 

And I sign off a paper. Because it's that small of a town that you still sign hand written notes directing what you want. And she looks at my last name... and says....

"You're still not married? what's your problem?"


she didn't even back peddle. or blink an eye. and I just laughed it off, ever so gracious.
all the while trying not to freak out on her.
or anyone else.



Suzanne said...

I think the winner for the 'uncouth' award in my book is the most recent comment "my, you are certainly bigger now than I thought you would be."

*jerk* :{

Ruth said...

I know a woman whose husband has CF. He's doing extremely well.

They decided they wanted to have kids and a man of my acquaintance asked her if she was sure she wanted to have kids with this guy since "he'll probably kick the bucket in a few years."


Word for word.

Northumberland Independent said...

Wow. No holding back huh?