Sunday, December 02, 2012

Apparently I'm a 16 year old boy.

Some of my coworkers know that my mind is stuck in the gutter.

Like... the deepest gutter. And I can't get out of it, and I'm not trying very hard to get out either. Needless to say, I  get myself in trouble, and spend a whole lotta' time snickering like a 16 year old boy.

Yesterday before the show opened we had vocal warm ups.
I'm pretty sure that Susan was feeding us the lines on purpose.

Picture this with me- the upstairs room at the Park Theatre, everyone's dressed so nicely, we're singing our little hearts out... when...

You've got to get on top of it. Get on top! Stay there.
Now, caress each note. Gooooooood.
Push hard. Don't push so hard there.
Stay on top!
Keep it up.
And now bouncy... bounce bounce bounce.
Careful, you're starting to spread.

Ok, by the last line I wasn't singing anymore. I was in tears laughing. Trying hard to keep those tears from ruining my makeup.

Did anyone else notice what she was saying? Only the teen boy and the barely-out-of-his-teens boy in the choir. They were fighting back tears too.

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