Sunday, December 09, 2012

peep peep

I had a super visit with the Mackattacks this morning. 
I may have a spinning buddy! 
There was chasing and wrestling of sheep, some donkey scratches and kisses, eye to eye with a beautiful peacock, and a wicked game of tag between a red squirrel and the blue jays... which of course led to singing "green forrest". 
A very lovely morning.

AND, I brought home some hatching eggs. 

I'm very excited about the idea of hatching some chicks, and my girls are the broodiest birds in the land. "Start sitting on the nest the first week of August and never come off? Don't mind if I do!" Said two of my hens.... Until about 4 days ago. Which is good, Maria especially needed to get off the nest... but 4 days before I get my first hatching eggs??? 


I mean... really?

-made a comment about the lack of winter and the hate of "rainy season".... so of course it's freezing rain tonight.

- Also sold my Djembe, for way too low of a price, but I figured there was no sense in keeping it around if I wasn't going to use it, and if I was going to sell it- it needed to get out of the house right away before I changed my mind.

-12 pairs of slippers in the first 7 days of , a pretty good start. Tonight I started cutting fabric for some market bags. I have an idea to make them a little stronger than the current design- so they will hold heavy loads like groceries. 

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