Friday, December 28, 2012

continued (or) there are days

Yesterday I posted from my phone again, I promise not to do that again.

In continuation of the story...

So, the front end of the car slid into the ditch. I figure every neighbour has been waiting years for this to happen- I park there nearly every day. As I generally have the shortest shifts, I don't like to park in the driveway for fear of getting blocked in. It's the rare occasion that I work a regular 8 hour shift and leave at a normal shift change time. I'll admit, I watched the cars driving by and cursed the drivers and passengers as they rubber necked and gave each other knowing glances.

When my fury with myself had subsided a little I went back outside and tried to inch the car out of the ditch. No luck. It slid in further, till the front end was pointed into the ditch and the back pointed at the road... then it looked like I'd lost control of the car and driven straight into the ditch, instead of the fine driving I'd done in the dark, in a snow storm, with one hand holding my door closed.. driving standard.

So that happened.

Then I found out that in the confusion of the morning, my shift hadn't actually been a trade- so I was stuck at work for a 11 or 12 hour shift... probably just as well... As I discovered when pulling out my wallet, my CAA membership had expired.

The next 6 hours at work went quite smoothly... and as I stood up and walked to the door to leave, my hair elastic broke.

It's ok. I made it to the car before I started to cry.

**post script**
All joy was not lost, I had a lovely visit with friends and watched the Christmas Dr.Who special later that night.

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