Friday, December 14, 2012


So proud of myself and .. feeling like I'm getting back in control of things... annnnnnnd then....

First the rabbit has a bout of the runs, lots of scrubbing the floor and some serious pinning down of the bunny to get him cleaned up (honestly, how does he grow the giant dreadlocks on his butt?)

And then.... Miss. Jelly.

Finally paid off the vet bills from last month's eyeball injuries....

And now she's pawing away at her face after a full force run into the door frame/wall.

How? She needs momentum to get up the two back steps, so she runs open throttle .. except the eyesight isn't what it used to be... and she misjudged by at least 4 inches tonight. The clanging noise and watching her roll back down the stairs was almost too much for me. Thank goodness the vet gave us double the usual amount of meds after her last injury.

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