Friday, December 07, 2012

around the sun

I didn't get around to posting yesterday... I was busy celebrating my birthday.
Yay me... another year alive.

How did I celebrate?

By seeing some of the faces that I love.

Oh, and by buying fabric.

Which is awesome for a few reasons... When I was a teen, if I got grumpy I'd march out to fabricland and buy some fabric... no joke, "let's go buy some fabric" was pretty near code for "something teenaged drama-tragic has happened to me."
Another reason? Awesome because I got to see Manda.
Another reason? I was given birthday money.
Another reason? you should see the fabric I bought.
Another reason? I'll eventually make back that money and more with my stash/market bags.

Something NOT awesome... the quilting/fabric store is closing in Milbrook. D and A are retiring. (Although the 35% off sale was pretty fantastic)

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