Friday, December 21, 2012


I generally pride myself in my abilities to form a (written*) sentence. This morning as I was waking up, I was laying in my bed visualizing "Their, They're, and There" and wondering out loud to JellyDog how people could get them mixed up. "Seriously, how do they mix them up? They're three different words" I even spelled out "they're" to The Dog.

So of course, when I arrived at my computer, there... lurking on my homepage, a sent message glared at me... with several "their/they're/there" confusions.  "DO YOU SEE THIS JELLY? Of course not... you're blind.... guh!" I scrolled down a little further only to find the cute comic above. I felt better. Then made the mistake of clicking on my inbox... only to discover I'd sent a message with one of my least favourite errors... MY ERROR... The dreaded "alot". **


*Verbal Skillz? I don't have 'em. Ever tried to have me describe anything... ever? Double Sheesh.

** But then after "sheeshing", I started to giggle,  because then I remembered to use this system and it made the email alot better.***

***That was on purpose.

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