Friday, December 28, 2012

To : the Myans.... HA.


I wish that I had a photo of the room that I walked into on December 21.

I mentioned that the "Pubcats and Jail Birds" were having an "end of the world" party awhile ago. Sadly, I had to arrive late due to work. I got a txt from Bobert asking that I txt them when I was on my way (suspicious)... and some lame excuse about Jenny wanting to know. I went along with it... half hoping that it was a super late surprise party, half knowing it wasn't.

I played along and sent a txt as I left the house. When I arrived there were a few little things waiting for me...

Taped to the front door was a note that read "Lesley, come in".

I entered the house.


I walked down the hall.

A small table with kool-aid and in the room beyond it, my friends all laying passed out on the floor and draped over furniture. I babbled on for the next few moments, partly trying to get them to laugh and stop being fake dead, and partly trying to convince myself they weren't really dead. Sometime after my threat of eating all the rumballs myself and telling them what good actors they were, someone allowed themselves a death rattle... which then set of a series of giggles... children appeared out of nowhere and cried out "did you trick her?" And my friends, appalled that I'd stood there calmly and hadn't called 911 asked why I'd reacted the way that I did....

"You're my friends for a reason, it's totally something I would have tried to pull on you."

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