Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Fan

I loved watching the faces of the kids in the audience during this show. The excitement in their eyes when the dancers would take the stage... the CRAZY EXCITEMENT when Santa would walk out (even when Santa couldn't remember his lines) (every time)... I loved watching their little eyeballs track back and forth following the dancers, or the little ones who would lean over to squeal into the ear of their parent "can I take dance lessons?"

Those moments were the best part of this show.

I spent some time during today's matinee wondering what the kids were thinking during the show. How many of them will end up having this be a tradition? Each year coming back to watch the Parkettes and hear the carolers? How many of those kids will watch each year, waiting for the time when they'll be old enough to audition? How many will have this show to mark the moment that makes the Christmas season come alive for them?

The show ended and a million and twelve children rushed Santa. I wondered aloud to a cast member if Santa had the "pee proof" pants on that afternoon.

Then I saw a cast member lean down to scoop his adorable 8 year old cousin (my uke student) into his arms... only to watch her ignore him completely, push past him, and rush to give me a giant hug.
Love that girly.
Feels like Christmas!

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