Saturday, December 15, 2012

That's a Wrap

I thought that starting to sing Christmas carols in August was overkill... but it turned out just right.

Tonight was our last show of "Christmas at the Park Theatre", and it's a bittersweet feeling. I didn't always appreciate the way rehearsals went, I had some differing opinions and general frustrations- almost all of them personality style related (my own and the director's aren't the greatest mix)*. But in the end it all came together. I'm always so sad to reach the end of a run.

This time more than ever.

The other night at work my boss turned to me and said "It's so nice that you do these [shows]. I'm always so impressed that you get out there and do [that] sort of thing, it's inspiring...and I know you love doing them". I replied, "I'm pretty sad because this is possibly my last one for quite awhile". She looked at me funny and said, "but why? You love it and you're really great at it!"

It took everything in me not to swear.
Not to spit out the words.
Not to sneer as I said them.
Not to say it too pointedly.

"I can't do any more shows because my hours have changed. I don't have a single consistent evening off, to do a play or musical- to commit to anything, I have to be able to commit to at least one evening rehearsal each week".

As usual I learned a HUGE amount working with Susan as the director of music. This was my third show working with her, someday I'll take regular lessons from her... it'll happen.

I'm going to go cry in a corner for awhile... post-show blues are setting in.**

*I adore this director, and as a friend- I'd do anything for him in a heart beat- and I love the finished product of his shows... it's just my personality style hates his organization style in the steps leading to that finished product. I'm grown up enough to admit I want to claw out my eyeballs during the blocking and reblocking of a show. I'm not perfect, I'm sure my eye rolling and sighing drive him to hysterics too.

**I love being on stage... I rarely get even a moment of nerves on stage, instead everything in me calms. Oh masks, you fit so well.

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