Saturday, October 27, 2012

25 things revisited part 3

Ha... this project is always so fun to do... I think I need to make it a yearly activity....

11. I like to eat hickory sticks one by one.

12. I'm overly self conscious and aware of other people's reactions face to face. I notice the slightest  changes in their mood and body language. I could probably do really well as a con artist or help in hostage situations.

13. I'm so afraid of junebugs and earwigs, the thought of them makes me want to vomit.

14. I vomit when I'm anxious. Or overtired.

15. Also when I'm anxious, or stressed- I geta case of the hicups. They're a great gauge for me as to how I'm doing on any given day. I had hiccups for most of grade 9, Father Brian (Catholic High School) would send me out of the class nearly every afternoon till I had them under control... I hiccup a a single hiccup least once every other day (this is new, it used to be once a day) but I've been known to get a full blown case 4 or more times in a day. I've had 1 case today (so far).

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