Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, right.

So, I just filled in an online form and had a melt down on it.
It kept showing my age as one year too old.

As a December baby, I like to hold on to the youth that year provides for as long as I can, just because my birthdate is such and such a year, does not mean that I am such and such an age.  So, I'm sitting on the couch swearing at the screen, because it's cheaped me of the last month before my birthday- and it's already embarrassing enough that I'm filling out this stupid online form... for yet another dating website... so how DARE it make me older... I can't be that age and signing up for another FRICKIN dating site!!!

Then I sit there.
On the couch.
Glaring at the computer.
And I do the math out loud ... on my fingers... for the computer, so it will know... it's being an ass.

And then I realize that I'm actually a year older than I've been saying I am for the past few months.
And I feel a little sick.
And I'm going to have to sign up on the seniors' dating site.

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