Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More baby story :real life edition

This conversation isn't word for word... I had several drinks and the music was loud... but you'll get the point.

So, at the wedding on the weekend I make sure to go visit my favourite mommies. These ladies have the most beautiful children in the world... Their 3 year old Julietta (yell her name like the maid does in Romeo and Juliet- the 1996 movie version)  makes me grin like an idiot. She's cute, spunky ... and ridiculous.

While visiting, Mommy #1 asks me if I know anything about guinea pigs ... I don't, and admit it. Mommy #2 then explains that they're planning on getting their daughter a guinea pig for Christmas... rather, Santa is bringing a guinea pig... because they weren't able to provide what she wanted for her birthday this year.

Which of course makes me ask what she wanted for her birthday...

"Our child wanted pubic hair for her 3rd birthday."

I die laughing.
"what?... but... how... what?... She asked for pubic hair?"

"Well, she asked for a fuzzy, that's what we call it"

*confused look from me*

"we told her she would 'get fuzzy' when she was older, so she figured, 3 was older... so she wanted to get her fuzzy for her birthday, we couldn't do it so, we're trying to make it up to her by getting her the guinea pig"

Then, from the other side of the table... sheer genius...
"And you'll name the guinea pig 'Fuzzy' right?"


Tony said...

Great story! Thanks

rae said...

me knows a lots a blogs, mizz parsley...but none makes me a laugh the way yours does. good lord. again and again.
you're one of those magical unicorns, right?