Wednesday, October 17, 2012

feed the twigs

Do you ever see something so often you forget it's there?

I noticed something kinda odd while sweeping the house today.

Well, for one- I was sweeping. Usually I'm vacuuming, giant beaster bunny is a non-stop shedding machine. I can barely keep up.

(note: those tiles are each 1 foot square or more/ that's a full sized bathroom door)

But that wasn't the odd part.. the odd part was the funny twisted little twigs I kept finding near 'Touf's litter box. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from... I checked my boots to see if there were any stuck to them, I checked the bunny to see if they were stuck to his coat... I checked outside the door to see if they were on the sidewalk... later outside I checked to see if they were from a dried plant in the garden... They were tiny weird little things.

I found one again later... after sweeping.

Picked it up.

Threw it on the ground.

I figured it out.

I went and got the newspaper.
I shredded the newspaper.
I picked thru the rabbit litter box (with a litter sifter.... don't worry)

And then I opened up the three bins sitting beside the back door... and fed the starving compost worms. Compost worms that had been slowly escaping looking for compost...  compost worms that dry out and look like little twigs.



DavidS. said...

Would love to see before and after pics of compost worms.

L.Bo Marie said...

yeah, for sure! Like of what they do to the compost?