Sunday, October 28, 2012

Heart Sick

(a quick break from the 25 things project)

We pulled up to dinner, I hadn't been there in weeks... pulled into my normal parking space, looked up and saw Sue in her usual place, smoking on the transformer, or whatever that big metal box is.

And then my heart stopped.
And my eyes welled up.
And I couldn't even breathe.

Because everything was normal, but there was a giant Little Sue shaped hole in my heart.

It wasn't Sue sitting on that box. She's been gone now for 2 months. But, as the way things go around here, her favourite coat had been washed and put out in the pile "free to anyone who needs it".

I don't think the woman wearing it knew it was ever Sue's.
If she even knew Sue.
The woman holds herself differently, proudly, tall. The jacket is clean. Most people might not even recognize it. But I did, in that moment when she stooped over, small, protecting a flame.

I didn't think something like that would effect me so strongly.


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Cathy said...

Ah Lesley, I'm sure Sue sensed how much you cared for her and she will always hold your heart.
Hugs to you. I hope you know how lovely you are. <3