Thursday, October 04, 2012


Last night my entire dreamscape was set in Africa. Well, in dream-africa... which tends to be this strange combination of summer camp and East and West Africa. I know it was because I'd been reading my travel journal before going to sleep.
What an adventure. Both the reliving from the journal and the travel in the dreams. Someday I hope I'm gifted with the words to describe it all- so that it's as entertaining to those around me as it is in my mind.


I think I've discovered the root of my dreams... locked into the youtube vortex I found this...

Dr. Snuggles, friend of the animal world. Dr. Snuggles, dreaming of better Tomorrows. Dr. Snuggles, you'd better start working today. Dr. Snuggles, flying away to the stars. Dr. Snuggles, finding a path to the rainbow. Dr. Snuggles, build us a clever machine.

This is the sort of thing I grew up on, characters named "Dreamyboomboom", Madame Dumpiytoo, Miss. Nettles, Camels named Woogy in the sky, flying treacle trees, Sky-Bed Fred and cosmic pillow fights...

And the rainbow... "a million dreams long and ten thousand wishes high". Episode 1 is likely the greatest thing my 4 year old self had ever seen... it's imprinted in my brain forever.

ok, last TV related post for a bit.

youtube vortex tonight: Green forrest, Dr. Snuggles, Gummy Bears, Jeremy the Bear, Parlez-moi, readalong, the toothbrush family, and Dear Aunt Agnes... I had to close the screen... it was too much.

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