Sunday, October 14, 2012

wedding stories

Baby stories, Wedding stories... I remember when I first got cable and those were the only shows I would watch... at the beginning of the reality television craze, a year into the Survivor franchise...
I don't have cable anymore... mostly because of the reality television craze, I feel like I get enough depressing and guilting through facebook.
Meanwhile... I'm watching "The Voice".
I never promised I'd make sense.

One day while watching the baby story I got really really confused. I was sick. I'd taken the day off work and was laying on the couch watching program after program of baby story. The Mom-to-be was named Pricilla... I glanced at the screen in my drug induced haze "uh, she looks kinda familiar". Whatever.
Back to half-masted eyelids.
Then the Dad was introduced... Jeff.

"These are really strong drugs", I thought.

Then opened my eyes and watched my cousin become a Dad.... I didn't even know they'd been pregnant.

Baby story: Real life edition
Wedding Story: Real life edition

Sweet two year old flower girl is playing under the stage during last night's dance, her dad walks up and pulls her out from under the stage... "Do you want to dance with me?"
"No, I'd rather dance with this pole".


Baby Story: Real life edition 2.0 tomorrow.

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