Thursday, October 25, 2012

25 things revisited

When I was rereading some old posts I found my first list of "25 random things about me" and posted it last week. I figured it was time to come up with another 25 things.... but 25 things are hard to come up with all at once, so I'm cheating and doing them in sets of 5.

1. I've always been a journaler (journalizer?), and I've kept most of them. I've had 7 blogs in the past. 3 of them were "secret blogs" with no way to trace them back to me... I was too honest in them, and it scared me a little, so I've long since erased them. I need to set up some sort of burning party for old journals- teenage hormones and overreactions are not something to hang on to.

2. I can't read music.

3. No matter how many times I re-teach myself, I can't remember my seven times tables. "Seven times tables" is an awkward phrase. Maybe it should be "seven's times tables"?

4. If I drink too much (which isn't often), my left eye starts to turn in, but then... if I keep drinking, my lips go numb. It's around the same time that I start walking around the room announcing "I can't feel my lips, could you help me test them?" I blame Fireball. It's a great line, and it always works.

5. Due to #4, I'm sad to say I've kissed nearly all my friends on the lips.

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