Monday, October 22, 2012

Record Breaking Speed

My dog is getting older by the second.

Our walk around the block usually takes us about 10 minutes. Yesterday afternoon we made it in 25 minutes.. that's right... 25 minutes. And I pulled on her for a good portion of that time!

Her eyesight has gotten so bad that she can't see things at her feet... so she trips, or she tries to jump over things. Things like shadows. Which... is really funny.
Her newest thing is walking with her nose on the ground, so she can see where she's going.... except then she smells EVERYTHING and has to stop every few feet to check it out.

At one point I nearly picked her up to carry her home- I could see the house.
But then she jumped over a leaf and I decided it was totally worth the walk.

update: having just related this story to Jen, she suggests I get a vest and be Jelly's "seeing eye person".
I wonder if it would mean she could go into stores with me?

1 comment:

Heather said...

Seeing eye person is BRILLIANT!!! I'm sure there are other animals out there who need that service!