Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm really wishing that it was the weight of everything grown, not just the weight of edible produce, that we were measuring for the 1000lb challenge.

Since the heavy frosts have hit, I've been slowly cutting back the warm weather plants- the peppers were the first to go, the eggplant (another failure crop), and then I started in on cleaning up the tomatoes....

Oh dear.
Those tomato plants...

I know that most of them had a late start... or an interrupted start (relocated by either the chickens or myself)... but come on- there should have been a better yield. I guess I was really counting on the frosts being later, or lighter for longer. I took almost 15lbs of green toms off the plants in the first culling after the frost... There's another 15lbs at least out there... But I just had a shower and I don't want to smell like a tomato plant all day.

So yes, the one plant that I pulled today? It was that nasty yellow pear. A mistake planting, it was suppose to be a Sun Sugar, those are my favourites... a grape sized sweet tom in a rainbow of colours... like jelly beans! Anyway... if we'd been weighing/ measuring the plants? This dude, even after SERIOUS pruning all summer... 11 feet long and about 18lbs... One plant!!!

Winner for best yield and best taste this year would go to those speckled paste, they weren't too too dry, and they were super pretty.

I haven't updated the challenge page in awhile, I'll let you know when I get around to it.

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