Friday, February 08, 2013


Hanging from the ceiling fan/lamp in my living room is a ball. Sort of like a Christmas decoration, but instead of a Christmas theme, it has sketched deer on it. I love it.

My friend "Little Sue" and I used to go garage sale shopping every other weekend or so in the summer. She was the master at finding exactly what she needed. Me? I'm not so good.
I go with intentions... I state my intentions the morning of the sale in hopes it will help me find it later (a trick I learned from another friend). Sometimes this works... mostly it serves to remind me that I really don't need any of the extra things I'm finding.

Little Sue was really great at finding "after sales".

She knew where yard sales had finished for the day... where the people had given up, or were just about to give up, and where they were now giving away their belongings just to avoid taking them back in the house. That ball with the deer on it came from an after sale with Sue... a banner day really. I came home ignoring my earlier intentions, with some silly egg cups, the deer ball, a mosquito net hat, and a vintage suitcase.  Sue had found over the course of the day- a puzzle, a purple purse (to match her purple coat and hat), and an ash tray.

I've been thinking about Sue a lot this week. Temperature fluctuations in the house are causing the deer ball's finish to crack. As the house cools- before the heat cycles back on, there's a ticking noise. Just once or twice, and then the heat kicks on ... and just before the furnace turns off again... another ticking noise.

Deer thermostat.

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David Olson said...

When you wrote "Hanging from the ceiling fan/lamp in my living room is a ball" I thought you were telling us how much you enjoyed hanging from the fan.