Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rookie Mistake

I'm just getting myself settled into FAI2013.... That's "Folk Alliance International" ... I've written in the past about my experiences with OCFF in the past (Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) and how much I've learned at their conference, well, this is like that... except 3 times the size.... and 3 time LESS organized.

1500 musicians give or take a hundred.

Last night my choice was between 9 different stages- official showcases... 60 acts.

I didn't visit any of the private showcases that night.

I jumped back and forth between a few different rooms took in some new music... spent a great deal of time staring at my "pocketbook program" (ha... that thing isn't fitting in anyone's pocket) trying to understand which room was which... before I discovered that I was looking at the wrong day entirely.

What tipped me off?
Trying to find Jon Brooks playing and instead finding a room full of people dancing to an olde timey band... which, was... actually REALLY awesome.

Here's a nice little wrap up article... what we're doing this week in a nutshell...

And here's a link to the grand event... actually no... here's a link to just the official showcases...
it's dizzying. Check out the private showcases if you want to cry.

Last night my favourite by far was The Wilderness of Manitoba ... They were at Shelter Valley this year, but... I totally missed ALL of their stage time. Because I suck like that sometimes.
I had to remind myself to breathe while I listened to them... their harmonies were and they were fantastic at letting the music rise and fall.. take you for a ride. Seriously, they're good. With that girl singing the harmonies (the salt.. the seasoning) ... they're FUCKING AWESOME.
end of story.

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megsheff said...

That girl is my friend Amanda, and she is rad! You..and a lot of other people missed their set because they played at 5:30 on Friday...somebody's gotta open the show, I guess.