Monday, February 11, 2013


so... Saturday's snow story via facebook:

Lisa: I so need a cabana boy who knows how to handle a shovel as well as a corkscrew...( that is NOT an euphemism.) I can hear my knees screaming already....(NOT an euphemism). 
Off I go... oh heck.... (Not an euphemism). I hate snow.

Me: you need a good blower. (NOT a euphemism)

Lisa:  a good blower is always impressive and highly appreciated. One gets all stirred up one hears that low growl in anticipation of what may come. ( NOT a euphemism)

Me: My neighbour is very old and hasn't kept his blower lubricated. I had to do all the work by hand this morning to finish with his sons. (NOT a euphemism)

Random: Personally, I think I'd like the euphemisms!


Heather said...

I like euphemisms too!

Peter said...

A lot of huffing n puffing

Lisa said...

snow removal is always the long, slow grind repeated over and over and over again as mounds get bigger.