Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Have you ever read back in an old journal or blog?
It's pretty much the main reason I write.
My memory is terrible for details, I remember how things felt, or what people were wearing- or the emotions other people were expressing... not what we were doing or saying.

Anyway, welcome to a new wednesday feature... where I spend the morning reading old blog posts then put them on here because... well... chances are, you don't remember me writing them either.

Feb 3 2008
If you know me... you know that sometimes... I just miss it.

I've yet to watch the movie "Transformers" in it's entirety, but it's been playing in the background at work for weeks now.

Today I sat down for a little while to watch some of it.

As I was sitting there (I don't know any of the character's names) they showed the back history of the story.... the grandfather of the main guy had made a discovery that had set the story in motion....

He fell into a cave of ice and snow..
his glasses fell from his head,
he hit JUST the right part of the transformer,
and it somehow happened to be lined up with his glasses JUST right...
and the transformer dude was able to encode something or other into the lenses of his glasses.
Years later, the kid still has his grandfather's glasses, and is selling them on Ebay......

I stand up and think.... "yeah right! Who keeps a pair of their grandfather's crappy cracked glasses that long??? this movie is soooo far fetched!"
and walk away.

wasn't for like another hour that I remembered that he was also talking to a robot from outerspace.

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