Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Late night drivers

I was called out of town last night.
Like... I left the house at 12:10am.

I arrived at my destination at 2:30, really good time considering I stopped for gas and a tea on the way.

Anyway, as I was driving I kept thinking how funny the universe is. Had the call come any other night, I couldn't have done it...I mean, I could have, but I'd have been a wreck... or been in a wreak. Driving that late at night isn't something I like to do. I have to pull over too often and nap... Which makes for an even later night, and a pretty grumpy me.

But this week I'm still spinning from my late nights at FAI, where my average bedtime was 3:30am. I was fresh as could be getting into the car, and was SPUN by the time I got to Hamilton.

Stars align. 

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