Saturday, February 02, 2013

Problem solved

The house is stink free.
The fridge has been cleaned out. And while I didn't get any of the curtains hung (a roaring headache kept me from the sewing machine) I did get the house cleaned up a little.. I even used the vacuum (with the headache). Heroics were necessary.... the rabbit fur was winning again.

My body's told me that I've over done it this week- out too many nights and away not making the most of my downtime. Last night I slept for 11 hours, and today when I walked to the house after getting the groceries I just randomly threw up. The plan is to sleep late-ish tomorrow and early to bed... I do fear that I have to take an extra shift at the group home tomorrow seems no one else can/will fill it.

Tonight I'm sitting in the dark, music on quietly. A batch of english muffin dough is rising in a bowl on the radiator. My tulips, brought by a coworker after Jelly was put down, are starting to tip over on the table. The rabbit is lounging on a blanket under the kitchen table, and I'm waiting for a friend to come for a visit (after the concert I'm skipping) with a cup of tea.... dreaming of those yummy english muffins we're going to eat for breakfast.

*fingers crossed I don't have to take that shift tomorrow, I really would like to get those curtains sewn and hung... later this week I'll be doing some insulation around the top of the foundation in the basement.

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